Embark through the desert on a grand quest to reach great heights through the power of ancient crystals, but beware, you're not alone...



Main Contributions:

  • Worked on player movement and player feedback

  • Worked on the ship stealing mechanic

  • Wrote the enemy AI

  • Wrote a tool for level designers for use in designing and routing the player tracks through the levels

I think my largest contribution on this project was the pathing tool I wrote for the level designers.

The game was based around the player moving their ship on a grid to grab pickups and avoid obstacles. Since the level designers would need to align every gameplay element with the grid they needed a way to see it. The tool I wrote to aid in this allowed them to intuitively and interactively design and route the player tracks through the levels.

    • The general player path can be can be manipulated with gizmo control points and the tracks will be displayed as blue lines.

    • The different events (enemy spawns, etc...) placed along the track are shown as green lines linking the triggering track position to the object the event is sent to.

    • A orange frame is also rendered at the player (and other moving objects on the track) allowing easy visualization of the possible positions where it could be at any one time.

    • The system is flexible and supports any number of tracks and track spacings.



Josefine Rosenlind

Ditte Galsgaard

Sarah Olofsson

Lucaz Flodemark


Jesper Jöneros

Melvin Ringheim

Ajlin Hamzic

Aron Jönsson

Linus Bensryd

Markus Nilsson Robert


Hugo Nisson

Hampus Eriksson

Level Designers

Tim Andersson

Julia Nyberg