Spite: Order of Chaos


Bludgeon your way through hordes of enemies to save the high priest before your order falls to evil



Main Contributions:

  • Lighting and graphics rendering

  • Data driven shader system for technical artists

  • Level exporters from Unity and Unreal

  • Level and prefab loading

  • Entt ECS system and wrapper

  • Most of the engines editor

    • Scene hierarchy

    • Viewport

    • Entity inspector / Component view

    • In-Editor Console

    • And lots more...

First project in the custom engine

This was the first project in our very own engine. I don't think the project turned out terrible but it's not great either. I found it very stressful to try make a good game whilst making a robust engine at the same time.

It was apparently a new change for this year to start the graphics course a little earlier than the project started; allowing us some time to build up the graphics engine in the course before using it in the game project. However, I still felt like we didn't have time to properly set up the engine before it needed to be used. This meant engine systems constantly lacked features during the games development. An example being that due to a engine bug with object parenting no entities could be destroyed for a good bit of the development time.

I understand that we don't have time to sit and build the perfect engine for the next 10 years, but I still felt just as bad every time I only had time to implement an inferior solution and something in the engine broke further down the line because of it...

However, on the brighter side, I got to sit more or less exclusively in engine land for the project and had a great deal of fun doing so. I also got to make a deep dive into ImGui during the project and built up most of our engines editor and debugging tools.

In the end, even though the game itself turned out a little rough around the edges i feel we got a good base for the engine.



Josefine Rosenlind

Amanda Westergren

Viktor Gustafsson

Louise Wyke


Jakob Nilsson

Linus Bensryd

Aron Jönsson

Gunnar Frennesson

Melvin Ringheim


Aron Tinz

Elliot Raud

Level Designers

Alexander Thambert

Julia Nyberg

Viktor Lundblad Åfors