A young girl is lured into a dark cave, and must now use her newfound abilities to jump, dash and smash her way forward



Main Contributions:

  • Rendering system

  • Level parsing and loading

  • Background parallax

  • Camera system

The camera system is the part of the game I'm most happy with.

  • It's got a "deadzone" (the camera stands still) if you're in the center of the screen.

  • It's got a framing algorithm that gradually ramps up the camera speed as you move towards the edges.

  • It's got adjustable "soft zones" where it ensures at least a set amount of screen space is always in view in front of the player. This means that no matter how fast the player is moving it's guaranteed to never go off-screen.

  • It's got "framing zones" where it bounds the camera inside an arbitrary rectangle such that it stops and waits for the player to walk off-screen before smoothly panning over to the next zone to follow the player again. This makes every puzzle feel contained yet keeps the map as a whole fluid and open.

The system is made to be robust and can handle things like smoothly switching framing zones even whilst already in a transition from a previous zone. All and all, I'm very happy with the result.



Alfons Nordblad

Elsa Söderpalm Patel

Teddi Andersson

Vincent Lu


Melvin Ringheim

Björn Frenzen

Vidar Habacke

Linus Bensryd

Filippa W Lindgren

Linnea Lindblom


Jacob Fridholm

Anna Sigfridsson

Level Designers

Alexander Thambert

Alexander Sjöberg