Cell Surge


Surge through the human body as a white blood cell, annihilating all threats in your way!



Main Contributions:

  • Animation system

  • Level parseing and loading

  • Particle system

  • Collision detection system

  • Level designer tools for "scrubbing though" and previewing levels

First project in the TGA2D framework

This was both our first group project in TGA2D and in C++. I feel that we in the programming team weren't always quite sure of how to organize things in the code and how to efficiently work together in this still new engine framework we'd been given.

We did have some course work in the framework before the project began but it was mostly just simple tasks like rendering sprites or reading player input. Now we suddenly needed robust solutions for rendering, resource loading, entity handling, and everything else that goes into a full game.

Needless to say, even though i remember having a good time getting to write more engine related code, the systems where all unplanned and just thrown together as we needed to get the game up and running as fast as possible. That is of course important, but i do feel a little sad about not getting to plan out the engine architecture more before we started coding it all...

Fortunately the problem did somewhat subside as subsequent TGA2D projects shuffled around the groups again and allowed everyone to mix and match engine pieces from all the previous projects they'd worked on and slowly build up something a little more stable and workable.



Anton Bång

Vincent Lu

William Utterberg

Louise Wyke


Sabina Gustavsson

Alexander Gustafsson

Melvin Ringheim

Rasmus Ekelund

Gunnar Frennesson


Alma Gren

Fredrika Karlsson

Level Designers

Axel Ahlkvist

Svante Liven


Elina Nygren

Jacob Gustavsson