Gobbo Island


After crashlanding on a strange island, you must fight off monsters and solve puzzles in order to rebuild you ship and go home



Main Contributions:

  • Rendering system

  • Camera system

  • Level loading

  • Cutscenes

  • Finite state machine system for enemies.

  • Some shaders

Though a very small feature of the game, I'm quite happy with the dither shader i wrote for the vegetation in the game.

I had wanted the chance to write a shader with the TGA2D framework since we started using it. Knowing this would be the last project we'd make in the framework I took a few hours during a weekend and wrote the dithering shader just for the fun of it! I did it as a bit of a mini personal project about a week before the deadline. It turned out great in my opinion and the fun thing about it all was that of the feedback we got from the other students at TGA who played the game many mentioned the shader as being a particularly nice touch. I thought it was fun as I didn't really expect anyone to care about my little side project.



Viktor Gustafsson

Amanda Önnestam

Alexander Molested


Felix Dunmar

William Agerlid

Aron Jönsson

Simon Broqvist

Melvin Ringheim


William Teurnell

Elliot Raud

Level Designers

Alexander Holmqvist

Viktor Lundblad Åfors

Alexander Thambert