Hi! I'm Me!

I'm very passionate about my work and strive to make the absolute best product i can muster!

I love problem solving! I often sit long hours trying to solve hard problems, even if it's not that important to have it solved, or even if just for the fun of it. I've been told I can be quite tenacious about it.

I simply enjoy things that offers me an interesting technical challenge. During my free time I've tried my hand at everything from PCB and circuit design to MIPS Assembly to writing compilers to meta-programming to gameplay code among many other things.

Though all of the above is fun, what I'm most interested in is game engines and their editors.

Once I've started a project I often find it hard to stop. As such my personal projects are few but very large and complex as I build on them slowly over years. One might say that where others may struggle with commitment, I go a little to far at times.